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Up...Or Down?

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How many teachers are there? How many in special ed?

See how the number of teachers has grown (or shrunk) over the last 10 years by selecting two years to compare at left. See how many teachers there were in the later year and how that compares to the earlier year. And see the same for special education teachers. Or zoom into your state to get the details.

An aging workforce

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Compare teachers' ages by state, region, and nationally

Nationally, teachers' average age is going up. Choose a state to see how teachers in that state compare to those in their region and others across the country.

Public or Private?

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Are the ranks of private or public school teachers growing faster?

In some states, public and private teachers are growing at similar paces, but in others, the growth is much more lopsided. Pick a state and a pair of years to see how public teachers are growing vs. private teachers.

Where are the men?

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And are they disappearing?

Nationally, the percentage of teachers who are men has dropped from 25% to 23%. Pick a state and a time range to see which parts of the country have the most men teaching and to see how that percentage is changing over time.

Teachers Going To School

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The educational attainment of teachers is rising

See how many teachers in your state have less than a high school diploma themselves, and how many have a bachelor's degree. And see how that ratio is changing over time.

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